Monitor Commode Chair


Maximum user weight: 160 kg.
Monitor, made from powder-coated aluminium, is a commode chair that can be mounted on top of a toilet or used as a portable commode with a bucket. The legs are height adjustable, with 8 different height settings in 2.5 cm steps making it also suitable for taller users up to 160 kg.

The seat height can be adjusted from 44 cm to 64 cm, with 8 different positions in 2.5 cm steps, by the use of snaplock clips. This adjustability makes it suitable even for short (130 cm) to very tall (210 cm) users.


  • It comes with armrests which are bent forward providing better support.
  • It can be used in multiple settings with the bucket, lid and splash shield as standard accessories.
  • It also comes with a fine-adjustment leg to ensure stability on uneven surfaces.

Spare parts available:

  • Bucket + lid
  • Splash shield
  • Legs (4 pcs)
  • Fine-adjustment foot (1pc)

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