Power Assisted Wheelchair System? Say PAWS!


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Power Assisted Wheelchair System? Say PAWS!

PAWS is the word, but primarily it is the best power add-on for your wheelchair. It combines ergonomics and funcionality with good looks. With PAWS your manual wheelchair becomes an exciting vehicle, allowing you to be independent when getting to work, going shopping, or on a trip. This wheelchair power add-on is a great alternative to the car. Just grab life with your PAWS.

Three models: City 12″, Cruiser 16″ and Tourer 20″ with Auto or Manual Clamping and Lifting.

PAWS will be for you what you want it to be – combine pleasure with function. Driving PAWS will become your hobby.

Every PAWS brings a story – meet family and friends, participate more in your time spent together or go for a solo adventure. Get more from mobility.

Discover the PAWS possibilities on the following pages.

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Experience everyday life with PAWS. Get to work with ease and take care of the shopping on the way home. Sieze your daily opportunities with confidence. Get busy with PAWS!

Let PAWS be a part of your everyday mobility.

PAWS City has a 12” front wheel and is designed primarily for city travelling. With a 1m turning circle, it is great indoors as well. It likes hard ground and even surfaces, but can also cope with uneven pavement and curbs.

Configuration at the photo: 12” wheel size, Tetra Controls, Manual Easy Clamps.

Annotations to clamps:
PAWS Clamps do not need any frame alteration or additional add-ons to your wheelchair.



3… 2… 1… PAWS!

Choose PAWS Cruiser and have more fun. A great solution for a variety of mobility purposes. Whether it is around town or along a forest trail, this model is for you. The big 16” drive wheel eats up the bumps for a really cruisy ride.

Get your PAWS on the track and easily overcome the obstacles of the terrain.

Just do more, further, faster and feel the freedom of the road with PAWS.

Configuration at the photo: Standard Controls, Automatic Easy Clamps

Annotation to clamps:

Effortless docking with PAWS. With automatic Easy Clamps just roll your wheelchair in to the clamps and press the button – automatic clamping and lifting to the driving position.


Difficult terrain awaits you? Don’t get mad, get the PAWS that likes to say „Bring it on!”. PAWS Tourer has the longest wheelbase so while the big wheel overcomes roots and uneven terrain, it is also makes a smooth ride while touring.

PAWS Tourer is the true offroad stager. With a 20” wheel and 4” fat tyre, you will easily get to places that would be difficult for other models. Designed primarily for offroad purposes, it is not afraid of sand, gravel, stones.. Get your PAWS in the dirt!

Configuration at the photo: Tetra Controls, Automatic Easy Clamps

Annotation to steering:
Tetra Controls allow you to drive easily, even with diminished upper extremeity strength and control..



PAWS takes convenience to the next level. Engineers, ergonomists andf therapists have worked together to deliver you to create the most convenient product on the market. We did it!

PAWS leads with the easiest and the most universal docking system. Long lever arms and a Quick Release Clamp make manual clamp quick and easy. Auto clamping and lifting is as easy as the flick of a switch – a real breakthrough solution.

You’ll get multiple of possibilities to set up the handlebars to afford the best fit for you.

When choosing PAWS you can customse the set up with different configurations of clamps, steering, wheels, and accessories for optimal use and fit – especially for quadriplec/tetraplegic users.


It is very easy to connect the PAWS with wheelchair, with two innovative models of Easy Clamps – Manual or Automatic.

Another unique feature of the PAWS is that you do not need any wheelchair modifications or add-ons to connect both. After using PAWS, wheelchair remains as it was. All you add is PAWS!


When manual lifting, simply push the handle bars away from the body to lift the the front of the wheelchair.

When choosing Auto Lift, you don’t need to use upper body strength to connect PAWS with the wheelchair. Auto Easy Clamp and Auto Lift will automaticaly connect you to driving position. PAWS – it’s the clever way to go.



Two handlebar set-ups allow everyone can to control PAWS. Choose best one for your purposes – Standard Controls or Tetra Controls. There are also multiple of possibilities to set up handlebar position to make the best fit for you.



Standard there are 2 forward speed modes* with a further 3 available as a special order**.  Additional modes are Walk Mode, Cruise Mode, Traction Mode and Reverse.

(*maximum speed is 15 km/h; **speed up to 28 or 32 km/h is only for special orders for qualified users).

Check all of driving functions: (picture of steering and annotations to every option)

Forward/Reverse Mode

Walk Mode – set the speed to a constant 4 km/h.

Cruise Control Mode – Driving speed can be set without the need to hold the throttle in position.

Traction Mode – This function is useful if the surface is slippery or on slopes, from a stationary start.


Braking is by the front disc brake, controlled by two brake levers mounted on the handlebars. The brakes can be operate by one hand or both, if heavy braking is needed.


Each model has its own type of wheel – which differ in size and purpose. PAWS City 12” is good for the streets or even indoors with its short wheelbase and tight turning circle, while PAWS Cruiser 16” is a good all-rounder, good for mid to hard terrain. PAWS Tourer 20” – comes with teo tyre widths – 2.5” – an all purpose tyre, and 4” for more rough terrain.


Set up your PAWS modelto matches your style and needs. During the proces of selecting best configuration you can consider: three models of PAWS, manual or auto clamping and lifting, two models of control, even the size or type of wheel. As a user, makes fine adjustments for best-fit, even modes of driving that suit your needs..


A powerful, multifunction headlamp has an automatic option – the lights come on automatically in the evening or in tunnels. Other manual adjustments  are possible.

DISPLAY (There are two views showing by display. Still I have only one screen.)

The driver display shows important driving data like speed, distance, time, power, driving mode, set on modes. Brightness is automatically adaptive to the amount of ambient light.

The Display is mounted in the middle of the handlebars and may be rotated to the best position.


The range of adjustment in the clamping system allows a wide range of folding and rigid frame chairs to be fitted. Quick release clamps make it easy to disassemble for earier transport. It’s how PAWS is done. PAWS wins again!


The battery needs only 5 hours of charging. On a full charge you can reach a range of up to 40 km (depending on terrain, driver weight  and model chosen) . An IATA compliant „flying” battery is also available when you take your PAWS on a flight. The battery is easily removable, so when is running low, you can swap for a full one and PAWS keeps going, and going…


PAWS has an IP54 waterproof rating so is not afraid of rain, puddles and moisture. Go on, get PAWS out!

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12,Manual Clamp & Lift, Normal Brake, 12,Manual Clamp & Lift, Standard Brake, 12", Auto Clamp & Lift, Standard Brake, 12", Auto Clamp & Lift, Tetra Brake, 14", Auto Clamp & Lift, Standard Brake, 14", Auto Clamp & Lift, Tetra Brake, 16", Auto Clamp & Lift, Standard Brake, 16", Manual Clamp & Lift, Standard Brake, 20", Auto Clamp & Lift, Standard Brake, 20", Manual Clamp & Lift, Standard Brake