Power Add-Ons for Wheelchairs

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  • Power Assisted Wheelchair System? Say PAWS!

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    Power Assisted Wheelchair System? Say PAWS!

    PAWS is the word, but primarily it is the best power add-on for your wheelchair. It combines ergonomics and funcionality with good looks. With PAWS your manual wheelchair becomes an exciting vehicle, allowing you to be independent when getting to work, going shopping, or on a trip. This wheelchair power add-on is a great alternative to the car. Just grab life with your PAWS.

    Three models: City 12″, Cruiser 16″ and Tourer 20″ with Auto or Manual Clamping and Lifting.

    PAWS will be for you what you want it to be – combine pleasure with function. Driving PAWS will become your hobby.

    Every PAWS brings a story – meet family and friends, participate more in your time spent together or go for a solo adventure. Get more from mobility.

    Discover the PAWS possibilities on the following pages.

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