About Us

Reha = rehabilitation and technology to return to or maintain function
Care = technology to provide comfort and convenience for those with mobility challenges
Pro = the approach that we aspire to – professional in all ways.

Our aim is to provide products that fit and function well, at prices that are realistic and reflect good value. It’s got to fit and do the things you need it to, without feeling like you need to get a second mortgage.

Reha-Care Pro chose New Zealand to establish its business as it represented a professional market but suffered from price spiral due to the distance from the manufacturers and the relatively expensive process of bringing a product to market. We are in direct daily contact with the designers and manufacturers of the Rehasense branded products, which means we can influence the product management directly. Form always follows function, but we like to make sure that “Style” is not too far down the list.

We love to hear from you – end-users, carers, health care professionals, service technicians and insurers – because you are at the “front edge” of what our products were designed to do.

Please reach out to us!